Get the Most out of Your Monitor and Graphics Card


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PowerSript is an application that provides advanced support of programmable hardware multi-monitor for a wide range of graphics cards from the old Matrox Millennium I to the new ATI X1900 and Qual-SLI nvidia 7900.

From a simple menu that reside in the system bar one can access more than 500 controls over computer hardware: sophisticated color correction tools, adjustments to the level of periodicity of the geometry of the screen, memory management, and so on.

It also includes information related to the type of monitor or display adapter, resource management or the activation of multiple monitors.

PowerStript has a routine that lets you discover when you start a particular program. In this way, is able to apply a defined configuration.

This is a completely functional program, but it does allow you to deactivate the button that gives you the advise for the day.

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